Karolina Markiewicz
& Pascal Piron

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Interactive virtual reality experience, approx. 15mn, 2019

Sublimation is an interactive virtual reality experience about dance and the freedom of creation — the metaphor of creation. In a safe environment, the visitor encounters the avatar of a dancer and learns simple and slow movements of butoh — a Japanese contemporary dance. Based on the personal performance of this choreography, related to the creative potential of life, the visitor creates a unique virtual environment. Guided by a voice over and an interactive soundscape, everyone is able to create shapes and colors. Each creation aggregates in a unique visual, but also musical composition, as every visitor is unique in the interpretation of the movements she/he will perform.
Sublimation is a location based virtual reality experience and is shown in a three-act installation.

Sublimation was prototyped 2018 during the XR Creator's Lab in Munich and the VR Days in Amsterdam. The project was selected for the 2019 Biennale College Cinema VR, and was among the 3 finalists.

Sublimation premiered 2019 at the 76th Venice Biennale Cinema.

Writer-Directors: Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron - Production: INVR SPACE (Astrid Kahmke, Sönke Kirchhof) - Dancer: Yuko Kominami - Voice: Elisabet Johannesdottir - Music: Kevin Muhlen - Technical Director: Fabrizio Palmas - VFX Creative Technologist: Antoine Thiry - UX Creative Technologist: Stefan Laimar - Sound: Stefan Bock, Stefan Zaradic